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Anna van den Hoevel
wants to give the viewer

"My definition of art is to create something with my hands that expresses who I am" 



Growing up between the coast of Menorca, the Alpine landscape of Austria and urban Munich, the urge to explore and experience the world emerged early on.

So she traveled across all the continents, and fell madly in love with our fascinating planet.


On her travels, the curious explorer collected mental snapshots that are still rooted in her deep emotions today. An important aspect are the photographs, that Anna has been able to collect over the years all over the world and now serve as a blueprint for her paintings. Her pieces are not about depicting lifelike landscape paintings.


She connects the creative process with its own individual perception of the world.


The curiosity for cultures as well as the enthusiasm for the diversity of nature arose from the diversity of the places where I grew up.

I always try to be critical of my work and not only incorporate visual impressions but also social aspects into my art.


Painting is personal, physical and instinctual, it projects what is visible to oneself. My individual perception of the world around me enables me to go below the surface and uncover certain aspects that only reveal themselves to me during the artistic process. Again and again I realized that my perception stands out from the norm, and the unconventional determines my reflection and ultimately my actions.


I enter into a cooperative relationship with the material, it is a back and forth between us. This is an instinctive process in which I reinterpret the work in each phase and in the process react expressively and emotionally charged to what has been created.


With my works I want to give the eye the chance to perceive the big picture.

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