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Painterly as well as intellectually, the artist represents in the series WORLDSTRIPS another level than that of the contours of our planet.

This time she looks from above on the emotional level.

And describes on the canvas the emotions that, like the different layers of the globe, form the character of our nature.


Inspired by the one-dimensional division of the earth into longitudes and latitudes, the artist remains true to your usual perspective, but renounces the plasticity in the work.

This time the works do not attain their depth through the layering of different materials, but through the complexity of the plane from which they have been projected onto the surface.


Thus, Anna van den Hoevel dives deep into the emotional level here and uses it as a source to represent something that does not come from the visible world.


WORLDSTRIPS is the constant companion of the BIRDVIEW motifs and makes visible those emotions that are not visible in reality with the naked eye.

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