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Modern, cold, grey, colourful, loud, foolish.

You can be absorbed, pulled along or taken by surprise by the many facets of Berlin.

Anna depicts these different confrontations with the city in her works from a bird's eye view.


So we see swirls of loneliness, after a long night.

A togetherness, woven from new encounters.

The storm of new realities, created by deep excesses.

The force of a society's striving for uniqueness.

The pulse of time, which always marks the present with moments of the past and future.

And the flood of divergence, drawn from the city's defining characters.

With Berlin I-XII, Anna not only tells the story of her encounter with Berlin, but also illustrates the complexity of the historical metropolis through the layering, that characterises her works.

On view in Cape Town South Africa

The artworks in the current exhibition Berlin I-XII stand for the natural forces of the society of Berlin and are represented in Cape Town, against a backdrop characterized by its impressive landscape.
Anna van den Hoevel wants to clearly show the contrasts between the structures that shape a society.

Nature or man. Cape Town or Berlin. Contrast or symbiosis.

With this collection  Anna is not only going international but also has chosen a setting to represent the art unlike the way in a traditional gallery.

Art beyond the canvas

To complete the experience of connecting two cities through artworks, every piece was translated into short video sequences.

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