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With ‚Birdview‘ Anna Van Den Hoevel captures the big and the whole. 
Nowadays we experience how infinite the great and the whole, is through new worlds like that of the metaverse. 

Life, space, art and the universe are in a constant state of flux. 
No matter from which perspective one looks at the world, obviously change is always recognizable, in which  change brings with itself. 

In the Metamorphosis collection the artist deals with these processes and the factors that lead to this change. Within the collection itself, the work shown will undergo the metamorphosis, which she presents in her motifs.

Metamorphosis symbolizes a moving process.

Through the new materials used it brings life and movement into the art, which creates itself in new spaces.

In this series, work by work, new dimensions are created, expressed and explored through art that goes beyond the canvas.

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