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With Birdview, Anna Van Den Hoevel captures the big picture in a fascinating way. Nowadays, in an era of new worlds like the metaverse, we experience the almost infinite dimensions: life, space, art and the universe are constantly changing. A change that leaves its mark, that Anna faces through her art.  No matter from which perspective on you take a look at the world, it becomes obvious that change is an inseparable part of this transformation.


In her new collection, the artist focuses on the processes and factors that lead to this change. Even within the collection itself, the works depicted undergo a metamorphosis, which she presents in her motifs. Metamorphosis symbolises a moving process and brings life and movement to art through the use of new materials, creating dimensions in new spaces.

In this series, each work creates new dimensions that go beyond the canvas. Anna Van Den Hoevel expresses the embodiment of her previous works on canvas through metamorphosis into sculpture. She also works from a bird's-eye view, transferring her motifs in this series into tangible, three-dimensional bodies using a specially developed casting technique. The complexity and depth of her works are preserved by the transparent base material. In addition, the viewer is given the opportunity to grasp the different levels not only frontally, but from all sides. Anna's art walks its way through a transformation that illustrates spatial dimensions and presence and hints at the new virtual possibilities of the metaverse.


Experience and discover Anna's translation of the metamorphosis to mirrow your own way. 

Be part of the new change and enter a new world to metamorphosis.

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