My project consists of a round wooden sculpture with a diameter of 68 feet. On the ceiling, there is a round opening which flooded the interior of the sphere with light. Thus, one can interpret the time of the day based on the shadow. If you enter the interior of the planet via the outer staircase you will find a ladder on the right that will bring you to the first exhibition platform. The platforms are each three meters away from the next higher platform and this is an expression of my actual creative process, which consists of creating my work from a three-meter high ladder. Since all my works are painted on the floor, I wanted to put the viewer into my perspective. Each platform will let the viewer see a new picture of my collection “bird view”; the pictures are a round cut out of my paintings, they rotate in 360 degrees - just like the planet (the outer sphere). I use the bird's-eye view, which makes the motif smaller, insignificant and powerless. Buildings, objects and landscapes are minimized and the eye is given the chance to take on the big picture.

About my Paintings; it is personal, physical and instinctual, it projects what is visible to oneself. My individual perception of the world around me enables me to go below the surface and uncover certain aspects that only reveal themselves to me during the artistic process. I realized that my perception stands out from the norm, and the unconventional determines my reflection and ultimately my actions.

I enter into a cooperative relationship with the material, it is a back and forth between us. This is an instinctive process in which I reinterpret the work in each phase and in the process react expressively and emotionally charged to what has been created.

Small lights are attached to the outside and inside to represent the stars which shine through, so the planet is captured in the universe rotating around its own axis. Big thanks to my helping hands in this project!  Ester Nassare, Israel Torres, Nils van den Hövel.

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