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At a time when many were unable to gather in person, the creation of a virtual Burning Man has created something truly miraculous.

The Burning Man took place in the multiverse.



Anna van den Hoevel's project consisted of a circular wooden sculpture spanning 68 feet in diameter.

A circular opening in the ceiling not only flooded the interior of the sphere with light, but also made it possible to interpret the time of day based on the shadows created.

Entering the interior of the planet via the outside staircase, a ladder was found that led to the first exhibition platform.

The different platforms were each three meters upwards from each other.

Here began the expression of the creative process of the artist.

This was characterized by the bird's eye view and was conveyed to the viewer in the same way by the works painted on the floor.

From each platform, a different work from the "Birdview" series could be viewed from above.
The paintings featured circular sections from the artist's paintings and rotated 360 degrees; as did the outer sphere, the planet.

On the outside and inside of the sphere were small lights that mimicked the stars.

Their shining through the construct gave the illusion of a planet caught in a universe rotating on its own axis.

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