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The work of the foundation

"Be innovative!"
Today, creativity is required more than ever in our everyday working lives, and yet we often find it difficult to create because we have been deprived of the ability to use our potential throughout our lives. This is exactly where the foundation comes in.
What artificial intelligence cannot achieve is people working together as a team, finding solutions to complex problems through creative ideas and creating something new.
The foundation offers children the opportunity to try things out and develop their own talents.
A customized toolbox helps them discover their personal potential and strengthen their resilience.

The projects of the foundation

The artistic projects of the "Du bist wertvoll" Foundation provide children of different age groups with a complementary framework for their personal development.
They are strengthened and encouraged to trust their own abilities and to try out new things.

Various projects in the fields of art, communication, nutrition, literature and music meet the needs of all children and encourage them to discover hidden talents in a quiet, appreciative atmosphere.

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